Confession number 1 – I have an irrational fear of cows. It’s called bovinophobia.

Confession number 2 – I just looked up “fear of cows” on google to make sure it’s a real thing. It is.

Confession number 3 – As a photographer who loves documenting life as it happens, I really should have more photos of our cow interlopers but I was too busy cowering behind Megan to take them!

Other than the cows trying to get in on our shoot, this was pretty much the perfect engagement session. I got photos of the most amazing couple, Meg and Tom, whose wedding this week at Blists Hill Museum sounds perfect (and I’ve never shot a wedding there which pleases my bucket list no end!) We paddled in the brook, which, at the beginning of July was the perfect end to a day spent in the office and they bought their pugs, Mimi and Guy, who loved getting their bums in the photo more than their faces.

Photographing these two (four including the dogs, five including the cow – there were about six cow’s altogether but let’s be honest here, I was too busy throwing Meg and Tom into the face of danger to count them!) was a lovely way to spend an early evening in the park and I am so looking forward to catching up with them again at the wedding and seeing all of their plans come together in all their glory 🙂

PS You know you’ve got yourself a good man when he can stand infront of a mahoosive big beast and save you and your snapper from certain cow death!

Couple's shoot with their two pugs paddling in the stream in flip flops beautiful engagement shoot with couple standing in stream cuddling pre wedding shoot with meg and tom paddling in the brook next to a bridge being watched by their pug couple shoot in a field with pug couple with pugs for engagement shoot in Sutton park in Sutton Coldfield

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