I offer engagement shoots in a few of my packages. I’m often asked what this involves so I thought a little post about them might clear up some of your questions and dispel any nerves about this little photoshoot where we’ll get to know each other better, eat cake and laugh lots.



Your engagement session is a time to let loose, have a little fun and get to know your photographer a little better.

After all, on your actual wedding day, you’ll see a fair bit of this strange person with cameras and lenses hanging off various bits of their bodies, so taking some time out to spend with them, chatting, photographing and maybe eating cake (!) is no bad thing!

This isn’t a posing class but I’m happy to tell you how you’ll look best in photos on the day, how to stand to make yourselves look shapelier, slimmer, more voluptuous or just downright sexy but mostly it’s just about getting some photos of this really incredible special time in your lives! 🙂

Engagement shoots are an added extra and by no means a necessity although I do love them and will always be very happy should you decide that this is something you’d like to take advantage of.


Purchasing an engagement shoot gets you a one hour shoot with me and you get a link to download all of the edited photographs (approx 20 -40 shots).

If your engagement shoot is complimentary (one of my packages includes them and I also have various offers throughout the year where these add-ons are offered as a little incentive) your shoot will still be the same amount of time but you will be limited to 3 images sent to you by high resolution download.

Extras are of course available to purchase as a download or in print form.



Your choice! I’m more than happy to recommend a place that I enjoy shooting but if you have somewhere in mind that you love, or somewhere that means something special to the two of you feel free to suggest it and we’ll arrange a date.

I do ask that the shoot be within 15 miles of B72 but if you live a little further afield and your suggested location is crazy-amazing, I may just be swayed in the interests of art! 😉



The engagement shoot has to be during the week (Mon-Thurs). As you can imagine, I am unable to take e-shoots on a weekend when wedding season is in full swing and this year wedding season started on Jan 8th and finishes on Dec 27th!

I do of course have a few free weekends so feel free to ask but please don’t be disappointed if my answer is “no” – I will try and accommodate you at a time that suits, whether that be early evening, lunch hour or first thing in the morning!



We meet up, we chat, we shoot, we might grab a coffee. You can tell me the latest about your wedding day, any times that might have changed or been set in stone since our last meeting and basically we can discuss your day in greater detail, all the time taking some lovely photos.

You can wear whatever you like although I do suggest no labels or logos as you’ll want these photos to be truly timeless. I’ve had dresses, jeans, suits and scarves at my e-shoots, all looked fantastic!

During the shoot, I’ll suggest a few locations, gently direct you into a few positions that will photograph best, I’ll probably tell you to get close, twirl each other round, whisper something rude into each others ear, I’ll use awful words like “Smooch” and “Snuggle” and you’ll hopefully laugh at me and we’ll get some fab shots.

Simple as that really!



It doesn’t just have to be the two of you although that’s plenty.

If you have a dog and you want them in the photos, bring them too. If you have kids, bring them along. As long as we get a chance to do some shots of the two of you looking happy and in love, I’m happy. And a little bit in love!


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