“There’s no-one we would have rather have had shoot our day.

You Lisa Carpenter are an absolute wedding God send!”


Honest, Emotive, Creative and Fun.

All of that planning you’ve been doing? The lists, the scrapbooks, the long, boozy lunches with your bridesmaids/ushers/Moms/Dads/other half?

I’m here to make sure that none of that goes to waste! To remind you in ten years time of this – the most amazing of days.

The day you drank champagne for breakfast, the day you danced for four hours straight after only four hours sleep the night before, the day your false eyelash got stuck to your new husbands nose mid-kiss, the day you realised way too late (halfway into the dress) that you needed the loo, the day you saw them at the end of the aisle and all of your worries melted away as you realised that this, this right here, was quite simply one of the happiest moments of your life.

I love shooting the candid, documentary photos and I’m crazy about getting you outside for some golden hour portraits when the wine’s taken hold and you’re both a little boozy, madly in love with everyone and tripping over yourselves to get in a field and get your smooch on!

I’m a natural people watcher with an eye for the extraordinary. Throughout the wedding day you’ll probably see me punching the air with glee when I capture something so good that even my camera’s celebrating!

Your photos will scream “YOU” because together, we’ll have captured the most awesome memories of this brilliant day!

Creatively, honestly and with massive big smiles on our faces.


Now, if you’d like to see all of that in action, I have a page jammed and stuffed to the gunnels with spectacular weddings I’ve shot recently over on the Blog for you to while away your lunch break with!


Hi there!

I can’t wait to hear from you.

So, tell me how you met, your plans for the wedding, how the proposal happened, who wears the trousers, who can’t dance AND who sings like a caterwauling drunkard!

Now, get in touch without further delay, I’m desperate to hear you spill all!

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