Back when the sun was shining (honestly, not so long ago!) I met Jo and Mike – known to friends and family as Spig, so I’m going to be slightly presumptuous and call him that from now on – down in Digbeth for their engagement shoot.

This was the perfect setting for them with the added bonus of being able to check out their fantastic venue, The Bond Company, where they’ll be tying the knot on Saturday.

Digbeth is constantly evolving and though I’ve shot there before, every time I do, I find little hidden locations to make the shoot slightly different to the others. Jo and Spig were really happy for me to have a little play and wander the streets finding these little gems, giving us some great photos – really not so hard when you’ve got a couple as beautiful and cool (inside and out) in front of the camera, as Jo and Spig 🙂

Roll on Saturday! 🙂

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