Sophie and Aled’s wedding day started out much like today – rain, rain and more rain.

I arrived at the hotel to do Sophie’s bridal prep and we all kept peeking out of the window to check the weather. The rain kept coming, heavier and heavier and Sophie kept smiling, bigger and brighter!

Sophie is absolutely gorgeous so there was never any doubt that she’d look stunning on her wedding day but with Bridal Hair by Helena and Katy Bird Make-Up doing their thing, by the time Sophie was in her dress, the sun had no choice but to think about popping out from behind the rain clouds.

Ragley Hall Wedding, Lisa Carpenter Photography, photosBy the time I arrived at Ragley Hall, the clouds had parted and the rest of the day, right up to the first dance was glorious sunshine 🙂

Ragley Hall is such a stunning venue and it set the scene perfectly for Sophie and Aled’s elegant details.

I had such a good time at this amazing wedding and I couldn’t have spent the day with two lovelier people.

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Morgan x

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