Louisa and Emma were married way back in January! That seems so long ago now!

When I first met Louisa and Emma, I could see straight away how happy and in love they were and during the course of the engagement, I found out more and more, especially when I had the email telling me Louisa was pregnant! And would be about 8 and a half months gone at the wedding!

With fingers crossed for baby to stay warm and comfy and not make an early appearance (although it would have made for spectacular wedding photos!) , the day began bright but chilly and incredibly calm in both rooms.

Louisa was in the house with her maids and Emma in the bridal suite. Their dresses hung next to each other with the promise of what was to come…

The cake was beautiful, but then it was a Ben The Cake Man special so that’s to be expected! Emma’s shoes had been adorned with little crystals and it was all Louisa’s handiwork, the tables were named after their favourite Scottish areas and the Tunnocks Tea Cakes lay waiting for the guests to nibble on at the party!

After the ceremony, we headed outside for group photos. A storm was brewing so I had to use my outside voice πŸ˜‰ to get everyone together before the downpour started. When it came, it was spectacular. Have you ever seen an eight and a half month pregnant bride in heels running away from a tornado?! Well, the tornado part is an exaggeration but Louisa did it ever-so elegantly!

As the wedding was on Burns Night, (and they’d got engaged in Scotland) they had a Toast to the Haggis before the first dance – with all of the Scottish details and the big love for the country at the top, I thought this would be a perfect post for today πŸ™‚

Their beautiful wedding was held at one of my favourite venues, Mythe BarnΒ and my amazing second shooter for the day was Jo Hastings – thank you to both x

Congratulations again Mrs and Mrs Horton, for the amazing wedding, the huge love, the running in heels and beautiful baby Clara (who features here πŸ™‚ )

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