When I think about the summer of 2014, this is one of the days that immediately pops into my head – a beautiful couple at a fantastic venue with the most exquisite details.

I met Holly when she was a bridesmaid at Sarah and John’s wedding in 2013, where she told me she was getting married and I secretly hoped I’d be getting a call from her.

She asked, I jumped for joy and the rest, as you can see here, is perfectly formed history in the making 🙂

Mythe Barn is such a great venue to work at, the staff are delightful, the light is perfect and the food – scrumptious!

Holly and Tim are all of the above and more. From the moment Holly arrived and hung her dress in the window of the bridal suite, I was in happy-dance heaven.

The glorious wild flowers in vintage jugs, placed on ledgers on the tables made for the most striking centrepieces, the TVR that we were loaned (quite nervously) by one of the groomsmen for the couples portraits (not to be upstaged by the grooms Ford Focus of course! 😉 ), the dress with cathedral veil, the pop of blue from the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and the brides Dad getting the evening started with his band… I could go on but I’d be doing this wedding a great injustice – hopefully my photos will tell the story far more effectively than my words !

Introducing Mr and Mrs Parry 🙂

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