I’ve been so busy shooting weddings, catching up on editing and the boring admin side of the business that I’ve forgotten to keep on top of the blogging. So much so that lil’ Frankie, who turned the grand old age of 5 last August didn’t make her yearly appearance on the bloggity. Until now!

She’s 5 years 229 days old – (that’s very important for calculating the number of days til the next birthday!) – and she’s ace! 😀

Lifestyle shoot, Frankie, Newhall Valley, Sutton Coldfield Family Photographer Lisa Carpenter, photos 2014-08-08_0002 2014-08-08_0003 2014-08-08_0004 2014-08-08_0005 2014-08-08_0006 2014-08-08_0007 2014-08-08_0008 2014-08-08_0009 2014-08-08_0010 2014-08-08_0011 2014-08-08_0012 2014-08-08_0013 2014-08-08_0014 2014-08-08_0015 2014-08-08_0016 2014-08-09_0001

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