I should probably have a disclaimer at the beginning of this post – it’s Xmas and I’m feeling extra gushy!

This will probably be my last blog post of 2014 even though I have plenty more weddings, babies and happy families from this amazing year to show you but I can honestly say that 2014 was the year of the wedding for me – I had some of the coolest, sweetest, loveliest couples with the most stylish, unusual and super-cool weddings. August was especially busy but when I get to go to work with couples like these – it never feels like work, it just feels like an enormously fun summer full of love! 🙂

Of course, I’m not allowed to have favourites and if I did, I’d have 24 of them this year but Alex and Chris are pretty high on my list of amazing people to know! Two of the friendliest, happiest, easiest people to be around, so of course, shooting this wedding at St Lawrence’s Church in Little Wenlock and the Hundred House Hotel was a breeze!

Their styling was beautiful with gilted gold cages on the tables and a summer fete style party in the gardens. The Hundred House Hotel gave us so many opportunities for amazing photos and even a few spots of rain didn’t put us off, we simply popped open the brollies and had some fun! 😀

Little Lola (Happy Birthday for yesterday!) my photography assistant at their engagement shoot was as perfect as ever and little Ruben, all dressed up in his suit was an absolute star!

Normally, kids like this steal the show but Alex and Chris were so damn happy and cute that they’d have a tough job on their hands.

Thanks you Mr and Mrs Phillips for being brilliant and giving me such a lovely day! 😀

Have a fab Xmas everybody and keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post “The best of 2014!” (or some other far cooler title that I’ve not come up with yet – answers in Comments below please! 😉 )

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