Hi! I’m Lisa.

I’m a wedding photographer.

I live in the West Midlands with my husband, Jason, and my little girl, Frankie.

Me and him moved back to these shores after a decade in Manhattan. That’s where we met – in my first week, staking out a hotel looking for some baddies who were doing things they shouldn’t have been doing. Me with my camera, him with his notepad and dictaphone (remember those?!)

I can’t remember which newspaper hired us for those shots but it wasn’t money well spent.

We didn’t see the bad guys, they probably walked past us twenty times as we sat in a cafe opposite the hotel, eating eggs benedict, laughing at each others bad jokes and planning my first night out in the Big Apple.

If you’d like to hear about my more successful photo-journalistic escapades (where love didn’t get in the way!) and read a bit of a braggy post about the amazing people I’ve photographed and the awesome publications that featured my work, you can read more right here!

We now live in the eternally-evolving metropolis that is Birmingham with beautiful little Frankie, she’s the one in that photo up there, being forced to stay put when all she wanted to do was climb a tree, get muddy and pretend to be a unicorn!

Something weird happened when she was born – my eyes started leaking happy tears every single day! Yes, even at your wedding (I make no apologies!)

While there’s absolutely nothing I enjoy more now than a day with my lovely couples and their quirky, downright fantastic weddings, there was a period not so long ago when a working day meant a portrait of an A-List superstar, an outlaw biker, lusty strippers, Nobel Prize winners, a martyr, endless discombobulated eccentrics and the odd evil genius.

If you’ve not guessed already – I was a photo-journalist and worked for a helluva lot of newspapers and magazines all over the world – some good, some bad and some very, very ugly – I loved it all and I’m pleased to say I escaped with a little bit of dignity left 😉

Because of this, my photography style is a wee bit edgier and a tiny smidge more creative than the norm.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, I’ve got big fancy awards to prove it! (oooh, la-di-da!)

I do, of course, shoot some formals – the ones Mom & Dad want, the bridesmaids, flower girls, dapper dans in their finest suits and so on.

But I’m forever hunting to get those spectacular moments, the laughter, the tears, the pure joy on yours and your friends’ faces as you make this amazing leap into that wonderful world of wedding-dom! Those in-between moments that range from the shockingly authentic to the extraordinarily serene.

And then some.



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